Your stories matter,

more than ever before.

Today’s consumers want to make thoughtful choices–and this requires knowing more about products and brands. Share more of your stories about ingredient integrity, sustainability, social causes and the essence of the mission that drives you. Reveal them right at the point of sale–across all your online and offline channels–in a simple, portable digital format with INTO™.


Create with ease.

INTO™ walks you through the process of discovering and sharing your most distinctive stories, uploading all sorts of rich digital media (video, images, infographics, text, audio and much more) and publishing them into a simple card format that can be easily swiped through, connecting your products to the mission you and your brand stand for.


Share once. Share everywhere.

Across online platforms and devices.

Gain unique insights.

Once stories are created, they can be embedded in multiple online resources to be instantly accessible and updatable across all points of sale–even your comercial partners. This means consumers will have an immediate connection with your stories at the most critical moments: right when they are making purchase decisions and along the lifecycle of your product. INTO™ makes sharing and participating easy and fun.

With INTO’s powerful analytics dashboard, you will be able to see which stories resonate most with your consumers, offering key insights for future storytelling. You’ll be able to see exactly how each story affects your bottom line.



A select group of leading mission-driven brands is joining the INTO™ pilot. Through our Storylab team, we have been working with them to explore, discover and unleash their storytelling potential. Listen to their takeaways and join this amazing coalition today!

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