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Into™ platform features


Green consumers favorite the producers they love, those supplying them and their families with sustainable and green goods they enjoy every day. They can create a GoodShed™ and receive occasional updates from producers. As their GoodShed grows, they will be able to map and understand  their own impact on all life.


Great stories can be instantly accessed by our favorite people. Simply share them at any time, through social media, text or email.


People can check where their favorite products are sold (based on their location) connect to stores online and learn what other sustainable and green products can be found near them.

Into™ Tags take stories everywhere

(here are a few potential uses)

start today, it is a simple process:

Sign Up

After signing up, a member of our team will contact you. We have plans for independent producers and special programs for larger organizations, who may customize (brand) and use our storytelling platform for multiple stories and Into™ tags. Get a quick estimate and benefit from our introductory prices.

Production Planning

Into™ stories require a specific set of contents.  We can use your own media assets, produce them at great quality and very reasonable cost, or plan on a combination of both alternatives.


Using the media we created for you, your own assets or a combination of both we will post all the components of your stories to our platform. Through your personal account, manage, update and enrich your stories. Also, learn about all the people who sees, favorites and follows your stories. Keep producer-consumer relationships alive.


Our platform will generate and assign an Into™ Tag for every story, both in color and monochrome versions. Get your tags and use them in any way you want. Every single tag will carry your story.

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